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My name is Svetlana Osipova, I was born in Russia and I’ve been living and working in Tuscany for eight years. The more I live here the more I love this region, its people and its nature. That is why I decided to become an Official Tourist Guide of Pistoia and its Province, as well as a Tour Leader in Italy. I also work as an Interpreter and Translator

Tuscany is a magnificent region whose visitors are impressed by the amazing variety of its landscape, the warm character of the people and its art treasures. In addition, this land gave birth to Etruscan civilization and  the Renaissance. Tuscany is certainly one of the most attractive and famous Italian regions; its hills with ancient olive trees, its famous Chianti vineyards and the noble cypress trees have always inspired both Italian and foreign artists. It’s hard to decide where to begin a trip in Tuscany, because every town or village has its own charm, its art monuments and cultural events. However the best known and most visited places by tourists are: Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pistoia, Montecatini Terme, Pisa, Lucca, Grosseto, Livorno.

The province of Pistoia with its quiet charming corners stimulate the desire to explore and discover what few people know. 
Pistoia is the administrative center of this Province, situated 10 km from Montecatini Terme. This ancient town, considered “the hidden case of Tuscany”,  will surprise you with its fascinating silence, its treasures of art. If you walk through the narrow paved lanes you will enjoy secret mysterious views until you arrive in the magnificent and spacious Piazza del Duomo. This is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, because of its charming atmosphere full of art and history, its medieval buildings: The Cathedral, The Baptistery, The Ancient Bishop Palace, The Town Hall. Also the Hospital Del Ceppo is worth seeing for its fabulous terracotta Freeze by della Robbia. Some more impressive examples of sculpture, which just few people know, can be seen in almost every Romanesque church in Pistoia, e.g. architraves  sculpted by Gruamonte, Guiglielmo da Pisa, famous artists of that period. The magnificent Silver Altar of St. James inside the Cathedral is one of the greatest masterpieces of Gothic Art  in Tuscany together with the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano situated in the Romanesque church of St. Andrea, considered even superior to his pulpits in Pisa and Siena.

If you want to have a rest go to one of the comfortable cafès or restaurants, taste the delicious local cuisine (for example: ewe’s raw milk cheese (pecorino al latte crudo) or the famous  castagnaccio, a  sweet made with a chestnut flour with  a glass of local wine or  dessert vine Vin Santo).
The town of Pistoia is situated in a typical Tuscan landscape with olive trees, vineyards, nurseries as well as forests, mountains, marshlands where you can meet very interesting species of animals and plants. 
Visit this province and discover its “hidden” art treasures, its miraculous hot thermal springs and taste its wine and food specialities. 
Customized tours for groups or individuals (wine tasting, nature, art, children itineraries) are organised on request.

Svetlana Osipova - Tourist Guide of Pistoia, Tour Leader (Escorted Tours and Assistance Services), Translator and Interpreter, Tuscany

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